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Revelation Card

Targeting This Place All Along

Location = The Seaside Museum (green)


Hun-Nal-Ye has been slumbering in sea caves deep beneath the museum all along, kept alive by the residual energy of the relics stored there.  Now the deity awakens from its centuries of uneasy sleep.

Actor Summary

Location (green): The Seaside Museum

Location (blue): Ruined Mayan Pyramid

Danger (red): Cuchumaquic, the Blood Gatherer

Evil Master (blue): Hun-Nal-Ye, Slumbering Mayan Deity

Koji runs at full speed through the jungle, his enhanced senses and flawless memory easily reconstructing the twisting route Eddie had taken through the dense foliage.  Looking up through breaks in the canopy, Koji sees the image of Cuchumaquic flying through the air towards the city.  With El Recolector's own sacrifice, the blood demon had apparently collected enough blood to fuel Hun-Nal-Ye's rebirth ritual.

As Koji emerges panting from the jungle and onto the city streets, he sees Cuchumaquic flying over the buildings in a swirling blood mist towards the coast… right in the direction of the seaside museum.  The agent looks around and sees an older car parked on the street near the jungle's edge.  He quickly runs over to it, hops inside, and hot wires it… a trick another agent taught him once and he still recalls perfectly.

Koji guns the engine and the car speeds off down the darkened city streets, following the spectral blood demon toward the seaside museum.

Question 1 of 1

What is Hun-Nal-Ye's rebirth like?  Destructive?  Subtle?  Ominous?

Answer = [Snake]

Tentacles.  So many tentacles.

As Koji steers deftly through the narrow streets of the Mexican city, the ground itself begins to shake and the buildings around him take on a dark and sinister look as the moon in the sky darkens to a blood red.  Koji pushes the car as fast as it will go.

By the time the PSI agent makes it to the museum, people are already fleeing in the streets.  The car skids to a halt outside the seaside museum and Koji leaps out to see a scene of terror unfolding before him.

In the ocean beyond the museum, huge tentacles are emerging from the black ocean waves, stretching hundreds of feet upwards into the dark crimson sky.  Terrified citizens rush past him, fleeing from the coast as the tentacles churn the waves and flail wildly in the air before the ominous blood moon.

Koji quickly scans the area, seeing flashes of light coming from within the museum.  Gunfire.  Wasting no time, the PSI agent pulls out his gun, racks the slide, and takes off for the museum at a dead run.

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