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Danger Card

Location / Danger / Pursuing / Someone or Something

Location = [Ocean Waves]

Danger = [Puzzle Piece]


An archeological research team off the coast of Mexico has uncovered an ancient Mayan puzzle box in a sunken city.  Some say the relic holds clues to an ancient prophecy.  Others say it is cursed.  After several strange disappearances and deaths, the box has been placed under guard by the Mexican authorities.  Now the box itself is missing and several guards report seeing visions of an ancient Mayan mummy.

Actor Summary

Location (green): The Seaside Museum

Danger (red): Mayan Puzzlebox

PSI Division 6 agent Koji Shimizu arrives on the scene, wearing his usual finely pressed suit and single white glove.  He is a slender man, with short cut dark hair and strong Japanese features.  The situation at the seaside museum is tense, with police and special investigators swarming all over the place.  Koji says nothing as he walks past the police line and takes in the scene.

In the center of a large room lies a stone display pedestal surrounded by broken glass.  There is no sign of a struggle, but a dark substance stains the walls, forming long streaks as if it was poured from the ceiling.  Areas on the floor have been marked off for evidence.  Shell casings indicate shots were fired.

Before he can investigate more closely, a uniformed Mexican police officer rushes over to him.  Koji introduces himself and is quickly taken before the officials in charge of the investigation.  He meets chief investigator Horacio Mendoza, a dour man with a thick mustache.  Agent Mendoza explains the situation to Koji, reiterating that his superiors called him in as a consultant and that he is to report to him on all matters.

Question 1 of 4

What evidence have the investigators found?

Answer = [Bandit Mask]

They are holding a man in custody who tried to steal the puzzle box the night before.


Question 2 of 4

Who is this man they have in custody?

Answer = [Music Note]

He is a busker who frequently plays his guitar for tips outside the museum.

Koji asks to speak with the prisoner, thinking he might have seen something.  Agent Mendoza is not pleased, but has one of his subordinates take Koji to where the man is being held while he continues to oversee the investigation in the display room.  Koji is taken to a back room of the museum where a trio of policemen are questioning a scruffy looking man at a long table.

Action 1 of 4

Koji tries to question to the man to learn why he tried to steal the puzzle box.

Reaction = Green / Unamused / …but…

The man has been grilled by the police all day; he's not in a talkative mood… but Koji notices something about him.


What does he notice (Complex): Trick / Opulence

Koji learns that the man is named Eduardo, but goes by Eddie.  He's not very cooperative and doesn't say anything that Koji thinks is relevant to the case.

As Koji is talking to the man, he notices some things are out of place.  This man is a street performer with shabby clothes and an unkempt beard, yet his hands are manicured and his teeth are clean and white.  Koji senses this man is hiding something and casually offers to let the other guards take a break while he watches the uncooperative captive.  As soon as he is alone in the room…

Action 2 of 4

Koji turns "bad cop" and calls Eddie out, demanding to know who wants the puzzlebox.

Reaction = Red / Crying / …and…

The man is shocked by Koji's sudden change in demeanor and stammers a bit before blurting out some details.

Question 3 of 4

Who is behind the theft of the Mayan puzzlebox?

Answer = [Ornate Cup]

It's a powerful crime lord known for his collection of rare art and relics.

Eddie's face sinks as he realizes what he's said.  He begs Koji not to out him to his boss, the infamous crime lord known as El Recolector… The Collector.  If he found out he talked, he's as good as dead.  Koji looks around, seeing that it's only the two of them in the room.  He agrees to help protect Eddie… but he needs more answers.

Question 4 of 4

What's the deal with the bleeding walls and the vision of the mummy?

Answer = [Gears]

It's part of an ancient prophecy.

Eddie doesn't know what the puzzlebox is, and frankly it creeps him the hell out, but his boss is always having him fetch strange things from museums.  He's seen his fair share of weird stuff, but this is the first time it's been quite so… alive.  Eddie believes the mummy was a vision of Cuchumaquic, the blood gatherer.

Koji has more questions, but they will have to wait.  Outside the door, he hears the police officers returning from their break.  He tells Eddie he will come back to get him out if he'll continue to help him track down the puzzlebox.  Eddie reluctantly agrees.

Action 3 of 4

Koji tries to gather as much information from the display room scene as possible using his enhanced senses.

Reaction = Green / Happy

Koji is able to gather a lot of information that may be useful later.

Leaving the makeshift interrogation room, Koji goes back out to the display room of the museum where dozens of police and investigators are picking apart the crime scene.  Koji reports to Agent Mendoza that the prisoner was uncooperative and receives a derisive snort in response.  He spends the next hour or so going over the details of the crime scene with the Mexican authorities, his enhanced senses cataloging every detail for later analysis.

Action 4 of 4

Koji attempts to use a policy loophole to take custody of Eddie from the Mexican agents.

Reaction = Red / Fear / …and…

He is able to take custody, but Eddie fears word of his cooperation will make it back to El Recolector.

When his analysis of the crime scene is complete, Koji returns to Agent Mendoza.  He presents the agent with a transfer of custody form, claiming that PSI Division has jurisdiction over Eduardo under suspicion of his paranormal connection.  Mendoza and the other agents bust up laughing.  Koji remains stoic and professional as the rest of the Mexican agents get in a good laugh.  With a final chuckle, Mendoza signs the papers and tells Koji to get the hell out of his crime scene.

As Koji and Eddie walk out of the museum, Eddie looks over his shoulder and sees one of the cops glaring at him.  El Recolector has eyes and ears all over the region, especially within the police.  With a deep scowl, the cop draws a line across his throat before turning and walking back inside.

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