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Outside the offices of the Ministerial Federal Police, Koji Shimizu leans against a tree, silently watching as Agent Mendoza and some of his collaborators are hauled away in handcuffs.  Corruption runs deep in the crime-infested portions of Mexico… especially when ancient Mayan cults and the promise of god-like power are involved.  Even though El Recolector had been killed, another would surely take his place.

The agent straightens the cuff of his suit and inspects his glove.  He had almost managed to get all of the blood out.  The suit was a lost cause, however.  But they often ended up that way in his line of work… and he always brought a spare.

A chirp from his pocket brings his attention downward.  Pulling his field pad out, he sees a blinking indication and a message from Ari.

From: Lawson, Ariala
To: Shimizu, Koji
Subject: Quick Favor

Hiya Koji-san,

Sorry to bug you again, but I may have gotten myself into a slight predicament here.  Nothing too serious.  Just some shadow people and a chunk of crystal from a an ancient comet or something like that.  See the thing is… well… how good are you at deciphering alien script?

Hope things turned out okay with your demon or whatever.

Talk to you soon!

—Ariala, "The Paladin"

Koji silently flips off his field tablet and takes one more look around the Mexican city.  The people here had been dealt a pretty severe blow… one they would not recover from easily.  With paranormal events on the rise worldwide, no one knows when threats like this might arise.  Koji still doesn't know exactly what happened to him or why.  But he knows that the world needs him.  And right now, Ari needs him.  For the moment at least, he is proud to be a member…

… of PSI DIvision 6.



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