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World vs Hero

World vs Hero is a storytelling game for two players, but it can also be played solo.  Players take turns writing scenes of an epic adventure where neither player knows what will happen next.

Bridgeways: Return of the Phantom Isle
A skyship fantasy adventure where a group of heroes consisting of a wind priestess, sky pirate, and tavern waitress unravel the nefarious plot of a villain who can bend the powers of the gods themselves.  Based in the Sundered Skies setting.

The Ithrian Gambit
A homebrew sci-fi setting featuring an alien threat on the harsh galactic frontier.  A simple salvage crew gets swept up in a plot of galactic importance.  It's Firefly meets XCOM meets Borderlands and the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.  Game is still in progress.

Barbarian Prince

An old board game / RPG hybrid from the early 80s.  The game is a hexcrawler that follows deposed barbarian prince Cal Arath on his quest to raise an army to retake his throne.

Barbarian Prince 1
Cal heads south in search of aid from Huldra Castle.  Along the way he meets a warband of amazons, becomes a local celebrity, fends off brigands in the woods, and chats it up with a quaint old wizard.

Untold: Adventure Awaits

Untold is a storytelling game that utilizes Rory's Story Cubes to tell quick, episodic stories similar to TV episodes.  The game currently has a pre-release Print-and-Play version while the physical boxed product is live on Kickstarter.

Untold: PSI Division 6 – Episode 1
A squad of supernaturally enhanced agents investigates paranormal events and anomalies around the world.  A little bit X-Files… and little bit X-Men.

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