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World vs Hero

World vs Hero is a storytelling game for two players, but it can also be played solo.  Players take turns writing scenes of an epic adventure where neither player knows what will happen next.

Bridgeways: Return of the Phantom Isle
A skyship fantasy adventure where a group of heroes consisting of a wind priestess, sky pirate, and tavern waitress unravel the nefarious plot of a villain who can bend the powers of the gods themselves.  Based in the Sundered Skies setting.

The Ithrian Gambit
A homebrew sci-fi setting featuring an alien threat on the harsh galactic frontier.  A simple salvage crew gets swept up in a plot of galactic importance.  It's Firefly meets XCOM meets Borderlands and the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.  Game is still in progress.

Barbarian Prince

An old board game / RPG hybrid from the early 80s.  The game is a hexcrawler that follows deposed barbarian prince Cal Arath on his quest to raise an army to retake his throne.

Barbarian Prince 1
Cal heads south in search of aid from Huldra Castle.  Along the way he meets a warband of amazons, becomes a local celebrity, fends off brigands in the woods, and chats it up with a quaint old wizard.

Untold: Adventure Awaits

Untold is a storytelling game that utilizes Rory's Story Cubes to tell quick, episodic stories similar to TV episodes.  The game currently has a pre-release Print-and-Play version while the physical boxed product is live on Kickstarter.

Untold: PSI Division 6 – Episode 1
A squad of supernaturally enhanced agents investigates paranormal events and anomalies around the world.  A little bit X-Files… and little bit X-Men.

Four Against Darkness

Four Against Darkness (4AD) is a solo dungeon crawler that pits a team of four fantasy heroes against a randomly generated dungeon.

Caves of the Kobold Slave Masters
Elvyn, an old, much-loved adventurer has been captured by kobold slavers!  The town council has hired a party of four adventurers to enter the kobold slave dens and rescued the elderly adventurer before nightfall.  What secrets and horrors are hidden in the depths of the kobold caves?  Can the heroes succeed and rescue Elvyn in time?

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