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4AD: Caves of the Kobold Slave Masters

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Four Against Darkness (4AD) is a solo dungeon crawling game that pits a party of four fantasy heroes against a randomly generated dungeon.  In this session, I will be playing a published module called Caves of the Kobold Slave Masters.  The module contains a pre-written dungeon, a random dungeon, and a climactic battle.

This will be my first time playing 4AD.  I've read the core rulebook, but nothing from the module that I'll be playing.  As always, I'll be using Mythic with MCSV mod as an oracle should I need to ask questions during play.  I'm also going to be using the random hero creation tables from Maze Rats to generate my brave and foolhardy adventurers.

Wish them good luck; I'm sure they're going to need it.

Kobold Slave Masters

The Heroes

Zora, Noble-born Sorceress

Level 1 Wizard

Life: 3

Attack: -1

Defense: +0

+1 to spells and puzzles

3 spell slots

Appearance: Statuesque

Detail: Shaved head

Background: Sell-sword

Personality: Cunning

Mannerism: Spouts random facts



Bladed spell gauntlet, spell book, writing implements, lantern, bandage, 3 gp


Prepared Spells

Fireball, Sleep, Blessing


Zora is a tall and picturesque woman from the nobles houses of the Northlands.  Her appearance is quite striking, with dark tanned skin, a shaved head, and tattoos that cover much of her face, arms, and head.  She wears an intricately designed spell gauntlet on her right arm that she uses to channel her magic.  She left her noble home years ago and now travels the land selling her services as a sorceress and advisor.

Faustus, Dwarven Bounty Hunter

Level 1 Dwarf

Life: 6

Attack: +2 (+3 vs goblins)

Defense: +2 (+3 vs giants)

Sniff out Treasure

+20% gp from selling jewelry

Appearance: Chiseled

Detail: Curly hair

Background: Bounty hunter

Personality: Wisecracking

Mannerism: Rhyming



heavy armor, heavy battleaxe, bandage, 12 gp


Faustus is a dwarf through and through.  And dwarves love treasure.  He learned at an early age that he was good at killing things to take their treasure… and that he could get paid to kill things and earn even more treasure.  Since leaving his ancestral homeland, he has killed many things but only earned a small amount of treasure.  Now he roams the human lands with his battle-scarred armor and massive dwarven axe, hoping to correct that.

Oswald, Hardened Street Thug

Level 1 Warrior

Life: 7

Attack: +1

Defense: +2

Appearance: Hideous

Detail: Battle scars

Background: Beggar

Personality: Contrary

Mannerism: Laughs a lot



Light armor, shield, spiked club, bandage, 4 gp


Oswald has lived most of his life on the streets of the local village, often homeless or as a beggar.  A hard life has hardened both his body and his heart.  When the local gang took him in, Oswald felt he had finally found his place in world… breaking peoples' knee caps.  He is a coarse man, not particularly smart or good looking… but he can still be quite persuasive.  And he'd have to be a fool to turn down a solid job doing what he does best.

Basil, Shady Dealer

Level 1 Rogue

Life: 4

Attack: -1 (+0 when outnumbering)

Defense: +2

+1 to disarm traps

Appearance: Gaunt

Detail: Oiled hair

Background: House burglar

Personality: Know-it-all

Mannerism: Mumbles



Rope, lockpicks, light armor, dagger, bandage, 8 gp


Basil prides himself on being an independent businessman in the local village.  He runs his own shop, stocked with familiar goods… many of which were lifted from familiar places.  Some call him a fence, and that's just fine with him, as long as they don't go blabbing to the local constabulary.  He'll even take up the occasional odd job for the village council.  He's quite good at acquiring things, and he is a business man after all.

Their adventure begins in Chapter 1…

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