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Chapter 1: Kobold Caves

The kobold slave-masters are a plague upon the lands, capturing goblins and other creatures. Recently, they have even captured Elvyn, an old, much-loved adventurer who started to police their area, wanting to put wrongs to right.

However, in a new development, an escaped goblin has revealed the location where the kobolds keep Elvyn. The town council has hired a party of four adventurers (yes, that’s your party) to rescue Elvyn. Your party will be paid 100 gold pieces if you can return Elvyn safely to town before nightfall. It would also be great if you could discover why the kobolds are acting so aggressively of late.

Dungeon Map

Area 1: Cursed Entry Cave

After only an hour trek through the rocky hills outside the village, the party of hired adventurers arrives at the location the goblin slave marked on the map.  A dark cave opening sits beneath a rocky outcropping, leading deep into the rock of the earth.

Oswald scoffs derisively at the cave entrance while Zora prepares a lantern.  Faustus and Basil approach the opening cautiously and prepare to descend into the darkness.  The marching order is Faustus and Basil in front, Zora and Oswald in the rear.  Zora will carry the lantern.

The entryway is protected by an old spell to ward it from intruders.  Characters must save vs fear or suffer -1 attack against any kobold for the rest of the adventure.

Save vs Fear (level 2)

Faustus: (4) Success

Basil: (4) Success

Zora: (1) Failure

Oswald: (6) Success

As the party descends into the darkened cave, an unnatural sense of dread washes over them.  Crude stone steps have been carved into the stone of the cave, leading deeper into the earth.  The sides of the tunnel are lined with various kobold fetishes, stinking totems of skin and bone.  A chill runs up Zora's spine as they press forward into the lair of the slavers.

Area 10: The Goblin Prisoner

The party turns left, following a short tunnel into a large, natural cavern.  The lantern illuminates many sets of chains and manacles that have been hammered into the wall.  Most of them are empty, but the light falls on a badly beaten goblin chained to the far wall of the chamber.  The goblin looks up frantically at the strangers entering the chamber and begs for its life in a broken version of the common tongue.

The goblin says that its name is Rikka and it has been captured by the vile kobolds and beaten badly.  If the heroes will free him, he will help them fight as best he can in exchange for a share of the kobolds' treasure.

Note that unlike in a normal RPG, Rikka's terms are not negotiable. Our brave dungeon delvers have no skills of persuasion.  I'll just use what I know of the adventurers to come up with an answer.


Faustus: A goblin?  Never!  Look how scrawny he is.  Plus, any treasure we find is mine.

Basil: Hmm.  Small, scrappy, devious.  I think this could work out.  Let's give him a knife and see what happens.

Zora: The rest of you smell bad enough without inviting more vermin to the group.  I'll think we'll be fine on our own.

Oswald: *laughs* Are you serious?  A starving goblin?  We should just kill it and put it out of its misery.

The party considers Rikka's offer but decides that the goblin would only slow them down.  None of them are too keen to give up a share of treasure either.  Rikka begs for them to at least let him free so he can escape the dungeon.  They begrudgingly agree and smash his manacles.  Rikka thanks them profusely and goes running away toward the cave exit.

Area 6: Mysterious Pool

The party heads back into the main hallway and checks the room across from the prison.  The chamber is dark and has no door.  Zora holds the lantern aloft while Faustus leads the way inside.  The area is another natural cavern, smaller than the last, and with a pool of fresh water sitting at the center.  Around the pool stand a number of kobold fetishes.

Zora: I sense magic in this pool.  Even the kobolds revere its power.  We must be cautious.

Faustus: I know better than ta be drinkin from strange puddles under the mountain.  I'll pass.

Basil: Agreed.  It could be their toilet for all we know.

Oswald: Magic?!  Outta my way, it's mine!

Anyone who drinks from the pool must roll to determine the effect.

Drink from Pool

Oswald: (6) Heal one Wound (no effect)

Zora: (5) Heal one Wound (no effect)

Oswald rushes forward to drink from the pool.  Immediately he feels a warm, calming sensation fill his body.  Zora leans down next to him and takes a sip of the water as well.  Her eyes open wide with the realization of what it is.  She explains that the water contains the power of life and death.  If wounded, they can drink from the fountain to heal, but the waters might just as easily steal their life force as well.

Area 8: Store Room

Continuing down the main hall, the group comes to a pair of doors on either side of the tunnel.  Zora points to the door on the left and they cautiously open it.  Light from the lantern spills into a small chamber that looks to be a store room of some sort.

This room contains a trap that activates when the group enters. Basil, being in the front rank, gets a chance to notice it and disarm it.

Disarm Trap (level 3)

Basil: (5) Success

As the group enters the store room, a magically animated noose descends from the ceiling and grasps at Faustus' neck.  Basil reacts quickly, knocking the dwarf out of the way and quickly cutting the animated rope with his dagger.  The magic of the trap fades and the rope dangles limply from the darkened ceiling.

Faustus: Hah!  Couldn'ta choked me anyway. Too much beard.

Basil: *mumbles* Maybe next time I'll let it try.

Faustus: What was that?

Basil: Nothing.  Let's move on.

The group searches the supply room, finding a stash of 50 gold coins among the barrels of rotting food and rusted chains. They split the money evenly, with Basil getting 14 gp and everyone else 12 gp.

Area 5: Dusty Library

Closing the door to the storage room, the party opens the door on the opposite side of the hall, revealing a small room full of dusty books.  Shelves are hewn from the stone walls and contain a number of strange tomes, scrolls, and bindings.

Basil: *mumbles* I didn't know kobolds could read…

Oswald: I can too read!  I just choose not to!  What's it to you!


Zora: Ooo.  Now we're getting somewhere.  Stand aside, please.

Search Library

Zora: (3) Nothing of value

After several minutes of flipping through the dusty books, Zora emerges from the cramped room with a scowl on her face.  The books were from a number of different subjects and weren't in the best of condition.  She wasn't able to find anything useful.  With a huff, she states that the group can keep moving.

Pressing on down the main tunnel, the group sees two doors on the left side of the tunnel and two open passages on the right.  Faustus suggests they go right first.

Area 13: Troll's Den

Down a short tunnel to the right is another door… somewhat oversided.  Cautiously, Basil opens the doorway and peers in.  In the room beyond, lit by a small fire in the center, is a massive troll polishing a collection of weapons.

Since Basil is in the front rank, the group is able to sneak up on the troll and gets +1 to attacks made during the first round of combat.

Troll, Fearsome Weapon Collector

Level 5 boss

Life: 4

Attacks: 2


Giant (Faustus +1 defense)

Basil turns to inform his companions of the troll, only to find that they are already drawing their weapons.  With a silent count to three, the group charges in to ambush the fearsome beast.

Combat Round 1

Faustus: attack Troll (12) 2 wounds

Oswald: attack Troll (5) 1 wound

Troll is below 50% life and is reduced to Level 4.

Basil: attack Troll (4) 1 wound

Troll is at 0 life and is dropped (but may regenerate).

Zora: attack Troll (2) no effect

Troll: regenerate (2) Failure

Troll is slain.

The heroes descend upon the troll with their weapons.  Faustus leads the charge and lands a devastating blow with his axe before the troll even knows what's happening.  The rest of the party fall upon the disoriented creature and within a matter of moments the beast is slain.

Faustus: *sings* Chop the troll!  Chop the troll!  Open up the bleeding holes!

Oswald: I totally set you up for that.  You all saw, right?

Zora: Wow, that was… kind of impressive, actually.

Basil: *mumbles* Nice job, Basil.  Way to sneak up on it for us.

The troll was a boss, so someone in the group can make a roll to level up.  By all rights, I think it has to be Faustus.

XP Roll

Faustus: (4) Success.  Faustus is now Level 2.

Searching the room, they find that the troll has a small collection of well-maintained weapons.  They manage to recover a longsword, a war hammer, and a two-handed mace.  They also find another door leading out of the troll's lair.

Rules Note:

There is some confusion in the rules about how damage is dealt.  In the How to Attack Monsters section, it says that one hit kills a minion and one hit deals a wound to a boss.  It's not really specific on what a "hit" is.  It later says in the Quick Reference that multiple hits can kill multiple minions… so if you roll a 9, you can kill 3 level 3 minions.  Does this mean that a 10 will deal 2 wounds to a level 5 boss?


Apparently not.  I thought that both cases used the same rules, but the Quick Reference specifically states that an attack only does 1 wound to a boss.  I guess this means I did this fight wrong.  I'm going to let it stand since I can't really retcon it out at this point (after most of the game is done).


Also, there's some confusion on how to defend.  The Defense Roll Modifiers section states that a defense roll equal to or lower than the level of the monster is a failure.  The Quick Reference says that if the roll is equal to or great than the level, take no damage.  So what happens if the roll is equal?  I'm going with the ruling in the Quick Reference since it's more consistent with how target numbers work in this game.

Area 2: Kobold Armory

Confident from their last kill, the party throws open the other door leading out of the troll's chamber.  They hear several squeaks of surprise as they barge into an armory where a group of kobolds are engaged in combat practice.  The sides of the room are packed with weapon racks, most of which are in disrepair, and crude training dummies made from straw-filled sacks tied to tree branches.

Kobold Flail Warriors (x6)

Level 3 minions

Flails bypass shields (Oswald -1 defense)

Kobolds (Zora -1 attack from curse)

The kobolds are surprised and look hesitant, they could possibly be reasoned with.  The party is in no mood to chat, however, and move in to attack the slavers.

Combat Round 1

Faustus: attack kobolds (5) 1 slain

Oswald: attack kobolds (6) 2 slain

The heroes now outnumber the kobolds.  Basil can flank.

Basil: attack kobolds (5) 1 slain

The kobolds have lost more than half their number.

Kobolds: check morale (6) Success

Zora: attack kobolds (2) no effect

Kobolds: attack Faustus and Oswald

    Faustus: defend (3) Success

    Oswald: defend (6) Success

Combat Round 2

Faustus: attack kobolds (13) 2 slain

The kobolds are all slain.

Minion group 1/10 defeated.

Faustus and Oswald charge into the melee, clashing with the flail-wielding kobolds and scattering them in every direction.  Several fall to the mighty strikes of the warriors.  In the chaos, Basil sneaks around the side of the melee, plunging his dagger into one of the slavers as it tries to evade the rampaging dwarf.  Zora hangs near the rear, secretly afraid of the kobolds and their strange shamanistic magic.  Within a few moments, the kobolds are defeated.

The group looks over the weapon racks, finding a few pieces of equipment that are in better shape than the others.  They find a short sword, two usable flails, and a crude spear.  They find that they have too many weapons to carry and are forced to leave the spear behind.

Area 16: Locked Door

Leaving the armory, the party heads back out into the main tunnel of the kobold caves.  Farther down the tunnel, they can make out what looks like an underground river.  They decide to finish clearing out the remaining rooms first, though.  Across the tunnel from the armory is a door set into the stone.  It is locked with a large, rusted padlock.

The door can be lockpicked by a rogue or bashed down.

Pick Lock (level 3)

Basil: (2) Failure


Bash Door (level 3)

Oswald: (5) Success

Basil fumbles with the lock while the rest of the party looks on impatiently.  After a couple minutes of tapping his foot, Oswald pushes the rogue aside and smashes the lock with his spiked club.  The lock breaks into several pieces and falls to the floor.  Oswald looks quite pleased with himself as Basil glares at him.

Beyond the door is a short, narrow tunnel that leads to another door.  The passage is quite cramped for anyone larger than a kobold.  The group proceeds in single file and carefully opens the door leading to the next room.

Area 3: Pulsating Energy Sphere

Beyond the door is a room carved out of stone.  It has a low domed ceiling and few features besides a large sphere of pulsating energy at its center.  The sphere flickers and vibrates, throwing strange shadows onto the hewn stone walls.  Zora pushes the others aside as she approaches it with wide eyes.

Investigate Energy Sphere

Zora: (5) Gain a Clue

Zora: Fascinating!  So much arcane energy in a free-standing structure… and it's actually stable.

Oswald: Let's take it!  Dibs!

Zora: Are you mad?! Touching it could destabilize the entire energy mesh.  You'd be killed!

Basil: I vote we take it.  Go for it, Oswald.

Everyone shoots Basil a dirty look.

Basil: *mumbles* Well, I tried.

Area 4: Dense Spider Webs

Another door exits the energy sphere room.  The heroes push it open to reveal a short passage choked with dense spider webs.  Hundreds of tiny spiders scatter from the lantern light.  It looks like no one has been down this way in a very long time.  

Oswald leads the way, pushing the webs aside with his club.  Zora hangs back in disgust, reluctant to even follow the others.  Basil can't help himself.  If the webs have been undisturbed for so long, there may be lost treasure hidden beneath them.  As the others move slowly forward, he ducks down to push some of the webs away near the floor.

Investigate Spider Webs

Basil: (2) Bitten by spiders.  -1 Life.  Cannot use off-hand.

As Basil is digging through the sticky webs, dozens of spiders swarm his hands, biting him repeatedly.  He recoils violently, swinging his arms to rid himself of the tiny attackers.  Their venom courses through his arm, causing his hand to swell up like a balloon.  The rest of the group stops to stare as the rogue frantically smacks at his arms and chest, throwing spiders in all directions.

Oswald laughs loudly and points at the rogue, who quietly curses to himself and begins to bandage the bites.  The heroes continue on through the spider webs to the next door.

Apply Bandages

Basil: +1 Life (off-hand is still useless)

Area 11: Manticore Lair

The room beyond is a tall chamber with a fearsome beast at the center.  The room itself looks like a junk heap.  It is littered with tree branches, old bits of clothing, and random garbage woven into a sort of nest.  In the nest sits a horrible creature, a manticore.  It has an oversized human head with a bearded face, the body of a lion, huge bat wings, and a scorpion tail.  It turns quickly to face the heroes and regards them with malice.


Level 5 boss

Life: 3

Attacks: 2

Multiple attack types (claws, bite, tail)

The heroes all freeze in their tracks upon seeing the fearsome beast.  They immediately ready their weapons to attack.

Combat Round 1

Zora: cast sleep on Manticore (6) Success

Manticore is asleep and helpless.

Oswald: perform coup de grace on Manticore

Manticore is slain.

As the creature turns to face them and readies its horrible claws and fangs, Zora channels a spell through her magical gauntlet.  Her hands flare with blue energy and a magical mist streaks from her outstretched palms to engulf the manticore's head.  The creature stumbles, staggers, and then collapses to the floor in a deep sleep.  Oswald walks up casually and bashes its head in with his spiked club.

Oswald: *laughs* Guess that's another one for old Oswald.  Eh?  Eh?  

Zora stares coolly at him, hands on her hips.

Basil: *mumbles* Finally making herself useful, at least.

Zora's eyes dart menacingly to Basil.

Basil: What?  I said nice job…

The party searches the creature's lair, finding nothing but garbage.  Around its neck, however, they find a jeweled pendent with a family crest worth 80 gp.  Zora keeps the pendent.

The pendent belongs to a local family in the village and is worth double if sold to them.  A rogue can identify the origin of the pendent and its true value.

Identify Pendent (level 7)

Basil: (2) Failure

Zora will take the XP roll for defeating a boss.

XP Roll

Zora: (5) Success.  Zora is now Level 2.

Zora uses her new spell slot to prepare Lightning Bolt.

The party heads back into the main tunnel.  With all the visible passages cleared, they make their way deeper into the caves toward the sound of rushing water.

Area 7: Subterranean River

The tunnel ends at the rocky bank of a fast-flowing subterranean river.  Dark water rushes past quickly, blocking the way to the other side.  A rickety old wooden bridge has been erected across the water, but it doesn't look like it's in good shape.  The bridge is also covered with strange writing and symbols.  After checking to make sure the area is clear, Zora moves forward to examine the writing on the bridge.

A wizard can try to identify the writing, or spend a clue to automatically succeed.

Identify Writing (level 5)

Zora: (7) Success

Zora looks over the strange symbols and quickly identifies them as a protective spell.  The bridge is probably warded with some sort of alarm or magical trap.  Unfortunately she knows no way to disarm the runes without triggering them.  The group will have to try to ford the river without using the bridge.

The current is Level 3.  Dwarves and halflings roll at -1.  Each failure results in the loss of 1 Life and characters must continue to attempt until successful.

Save vs Current (level 3)

Faustus: (2) Failure. -1 Life

Oswald: (5) Success

Basil: (2) Failure. -1 Life

Zora: (5) Success


Save vs Current (level 3)

Faustus: (3) Success

Basil: (5) Success

The current is very strong, but the group sees no other way across the river.  Reluctantly, they all attempt to cross.  The heroes push their way across the dark water, struggling to maintain their footing.  Faustus and Basil slip and are battered on the sharp rocks of the river bank before finally making it to the other side.  

Now soaking wet, the party checks their gear and examines the far bank.  To their surprise, they see that the cavern ends here in a smooth stone wall with two doors.

Faustus:  Life 6/7

Oswald: Life 7/7

Basil: Life 3/4 (off-hand wounded)

Zora: Life 3/4 (cursed)

Area 12: Elvyn's Prison Cell

The heroes open the door on the right and reveal a prison chamber beyond.  The room is lined with chains and crude prison bars.  Along the back wall, an elderly man locked in chains is being tormented by a gang of kobold slave masters.  They curse at the man and lash him with their cruel whips.  As soon as the door opens, the kobolds turn to face the intruders.  Grinning sadistically, they demand a ransom of 200 gold pieces for Elvyn's life.

Oswald: *laughs* That's not how it works in my business, boys.  How you about you pay us 200 gold and we don't bash your skulls in.  Eh?

Zora: Elvyn!  Are you alright?  Don't worry, we're coming!

Basil: Time to get paid.  Better watch your backs…

Faustus: *sniffs the air* What's that?  I smell a prize.  Which one a ya has the goodies?

Kobold Slave Masters (x8)

Level 4 minions

Whips disarm on defense = 1

Kobolds (Zora -1 attack from curse)

Attack first

Fight to death

Combat Round 1

Kobolds: two attack each hero

    Faustus: defend (5) Success; (1) -1 Life, disarmed

    Oswald: defend (8) Success; (8) Success

    Basil: defend (5) Success; (5) Success

    Zora: defend (4) Success; (3) -1 Life

Faustus: recover weapon (free attack from Kobold)

    Faustus: defend (3) -1 Life (weapon recovered)

Zora: cast fireball (7) 3 slain

Oswald: attack Kobolds (4) 1 slain

Basil: attack kobolds (2) no effect

The kobolds attack first, surrounding the heroes and attacking them with their whips and crude blades.  One of the whips wraps around Faustus' axe and rips it from his hands.  The dwarf dives through the slave masters, frantically searched for this axe as more and more strikes from the kobolds crude blades land on him.  

Zora is pressed into a corner and tries to fend off one of the kobolds as she readies a spell.  Brilliant orange energy blazes from her spell gauntlet as she hurts a fireball into the middle of the melee.  The blast knocks several of the slave masters back, where they fall into smoking heaps.

Combat Round 2

Kobolds: 4 remain; one attacks each hero

    Faustus: defend (7) Success

    Oswald: defend (5) Success

    Basil: defend (4) Success

    Zora: defend (3) -1 Life

Faustus: attack Kobolds (8) 2 slain

Kobolds have lost more than half their number, but fight to the death.

The heroes outnumber the enemies.  Basil can flank.

Oswald: attack Kobolds (3) no effect

Basil: attack kobolds (3) no effect

Faustus grabs his axe from the ground and begins swinging it wildly at the kobolds, slaying a few of them while the rest of the group falls back to the wall of the prison where Elvyn is being held.

Combat Round 3

Kobolds: 2 remain, they attack the warriors

    Faustus: defend (6) Success

    Oswald: defend (7) Success

Faustus: attack Kobolds (6) 1 slain

Basil: attack kobolds (4) 1 slain

All Kobolds are slain.

The elderly adventurer Elvyn thanks the group for saving him.  Searching the bodies of the kobolds, the party finds a potion of healing and a cut gem worth 35 gp, but they do not find the keys to Elvyn's manacles.  Faustus keeps both the gem and the healing potion.

The manacle locks can be picked by a rogue.  if that fails, they must be smashed open, which may attract wandering monsters.

Pick Lock (level 4)

Basil: (4) Success

Elvyn: Thank the gods you managed to find me.  I fear they would have killed me soon.

Zora: Do you know why the kobolds captured you?  Why are they so aggressive recently?

Elvyn: I will tell you in good time.  For now we must escape.

Oswald: Let's go then.  I ain't gettin' paid to talk.

Faustus: More kobolds means more treasure.  And I think there was still one more door…

The kobold slave masters count as a boss encounter and someone gets an XP roll.  I'll give it to Basil since he's been fairly useful, but hasn't landed many kills.

XP Roll

Basil: (4) Success.  Basil is now Level 2.

Before leaving the room, the heroes take the opportunity to bandage their wounds.

Apply Bandages

Faustus: +1 Life

Zora: +1 Life

Faustus:  Life 5/7

Oswald: Life 7/7

Basil: Life 4/5 (off-hand wounded)

Zora: Life 2/4 (cursed)

Area 9: Zombie Dragon Lair

What?!  Zombie Dragon?!  I honestly through this was going to be a minor guard room or something and that the last room was the final encounter.  Who hides a freaking zombie dragon in a tiny room next to the main objective?!

Faustus throws open the other door on the far bank of the underground river with his axe at the ready.  He is expecting to find some more kobolds to slay, but sees something else entirely.  The dark room beyond is dominated by a massive, undead dragon.  Decaying flesh hangs from the creature's skeletal form and searing crimson flames blaze from its empty eye sockets.  The beast raises to its full height as the door to its lair is thrown open and it lets out an otherworldly roar.

Basil: You just had to open that last door, didn't you?

Zora: I sense a powerful demonic force at work here.  We should flee!

Faustus: Bah!  Haven't ye ever heard of dragon treasure?  To arms, lads!

Oswald: *laughs* You had me at 'dragon treasure'.

Zombie Dragon, Demonic Animation

Level 6 boss (final boss)

Life: 6

Attacks: 2 (target random, 2 life)

Breathe noxious gas

Fight to the death

Combat Round 1

Faustus: attack Dragon (10) 1 wound

Oswald: attack Dragon (6) 1 wound

Basil: attack Dragon (1) no effect

Zora: attack Dragon (1) no effect

Dragon: breathe noxious gas (level 5)

    Faustus: save vs poison (3) -1 Life

    Oswald: save vs poison (4) -1 Life

    Basil: save vs poison (2) -1 Life

    Zora: save vs poison (4) -1 Life

Somewhat reluctantly, the heroes follow Faustus as he charges into the dragon's lair.  The chamber itself is mostly barren except for chunks of decaying dragon flesh that have fallen off the monster.  The entire area is lit by the demonic red glow of the beast's eyes.

Faustus and Oswald charge in first, landing a couple solid hits on the monster while Zora and Basil try to position themselves away from the creature's main attacks.  After only a few moments, the beast rears back and unleashes a blast of noxious gas from its maw.  The heroes all begin coughing as the poisonous vapors fill their lungs.

Combat Round 2

Faustus: attack Dragon (6) 1 wound

Oswald: attack Dragon (4) no effect

Basil: attack Dragon (6) 1 wound

Dragon is below 50% life and is reduced to Level 5.

Zora: cast lightning bolt (5) 2 wounds

Dragon is slain.

Faustus and Oswald continues to pressure the dragon with frontal attacks while Zora and Basil sneak around the sides.  With its attention diverted, Zora summons an aura of cracking electricity to her spell gauntlet and then unleashes a blast of lighting at the dragon's exposed flank.  The lightning tears through the dragon's form, shattering bone as it rips through the creature and blasts out the other side.  With a final demonic roar, the dragon collapses into a pile of splintered bone.

Oswald: Man, I am getting good at this!

Zora: *ignores Oswald* This creature was possessed by a powerful demonic force.  We must inform the village.

Faustus is already digging through the bones, looking for treasure.

Defeating the dragon gives the group 2 XP rolls.

XP Roll

Oswald: (5) Success.  Oswald is now Level 2.

Zora: (6) Success.  Zora is now Level 3.

Zora uses her new spell slot to prepare Fireball.

In the remains of the dragon, the group finds 120 gp and a Wand of Sleep.  Zora keeps the wand, and they split the gold evenly.  With all chambers of the kobold caves explored, the only thing left is for them to escort Elvyn to safety and return to the village.  They must retrace their steps to the exit, checking for wandering monsters along the way.

Faustus:  Life 4/7

Oswald: Life 7/8

Basil: Life 3/5 (off-hand wounded)

Zora: Life 2/5 (cursed)

Area 14: The Far Bank

Wandering Monsters

(3) None encountered

Returning the rocky bank of the underground river, the heroes realize they must once again cross the raging currents.  The heroes will help Elvyn across since he is injured and he does not need to roll.

The current is Level 3.  Dwarves and halflings roll at -1.  Each failure results in the loss of 1 Life and characters must continue to attempt until successful.

Save vs Current (level 3)

Faustus: (2) Failure. -1 Life

Oswald: (6) Success

Basil: (4) Success

Zora: (5) Success


Save vs Current (level 3)

Faustus: (3) Success

Once again, Faustus loses his footing in the rapids and is bashed against the stones of the river bank before managing to pull himself up on the other side.  Faustus is down to 3 Life and considers using the healing potion, but decides to soldier on.

Area 7: Subterranean River

Wandering Monsters

(3) None encountered

The heroes dry off their equipment and then move cautiously back into the main tunnel of the kobold complex.

Area 0: The Main Tunnel

Wandering Monsters

(3) None encountered

All is quiet as the heroes move through the main tunnel towards the exit.  It looks like no more kobolds have returned from their slave raids while the group has been here.

Area 1: Cursed Entry Cave

Wandering Monsters

(2) None encountered

Moving quickly, the group passes through the entry cave with the creepy kobold fetishes and emerges out into fading daylight.  They have managed to free Elvyn before nightfall and quickly make their way back to the village to collect their reward.

End of Adventure

Back in town, the village council thanks the heroes for their service and provides the agreed upon payment of 100 gp.  The group splits the the reward evenly.  Elvyn is taken away to receive medical attention while the heroes tend to their own wounds and drink to a job well done.

Sell Loot

Sack of coin (50 gp)

Longsword (3 gp)

Warhammer (3 gp)

Two-hand mace (7 gp)

Shortsword (3 gp)

2x Flail (6 gp)

Jeweled pendant (96 gp, Faustus +20% bonus)

Small gemstone (42 gp, Faustus +20% bonus)

Dragon's hoard (120 gp)

Wand of Sleep (Zora will keep)

Adventure reward (100 gp)

Total Loot: 430 gp (107 gp each)

The group gains an XP roll for completing the adventure.

XP Roll

Faustus: (1) Failure

The group's celebrations are short lived, however, as the next day Elvyn has some troubling news about the nature of the kobolds' aggression.

To be continued in Chapter 2…

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