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Showdown Card

Location / Danger 1 / Danger 2 / Attacking / Everyone

Location = The Seaside Museum (green)

Danger 1 = Cuchumaquic, the Blood Gatherer (red)

Danger 2 = Hun-Nal-Ye, Awakening Mayan Deity (blue)


As Hun-Nal-Ye slowly awakens, Cuchumaquic uses the gathered blood sacrifice to fuel the deity's return.  The foul ritual takes place in the middle of the museum's Mayan relic exhibit as massive tentacles flail among the waves outside beneath a blood moon.

Actor Summary

Location (green): The Seaside Museum

Location (blue): Ruined Mayan Pyramid

Danger (red): Cuchumaquic, the Blood Gatherer

Evil Master (blue): Hun-Nal-Ye, Awakening Mayan Deity

Koji runs toward the museum's entrance with his weapon at the ready and shoulder checks his way through the front door.  The lights are out in the museum, but ominous crimson light streams in from the skylights and tall windows overlooking the ocean.  He moves quickly through the darkened exhibit halls, making his way to where he already knows the confrontation is taking place: the Mayan relic room.

The sound of uncoordinated gunfire greets the agent as he bursts into the wide open exhibit chamber to a ghastly scene.  At the center of the room, the spectral image of Cuchumaquic hovers over the stone puzzlebox.  The intricate stone latches on the box have been undone and streams of blood  pour from the ancient device, appearing to come from the mouths of the horrible creatures engraved on its surface.  The rivers of blood run down the side of the stone pedestal and drain into narrow slits at its base, leading to the slumbering deity far below.

At the edges of the room, a small number of terrified police officers fire their guns ineffectively at the laughing spectral demon above the puzzlebox.  The entire room is bathed in a horrible red glow from the large skylight, cut by the occasional shadow of a towering tentacle passing by overhead.

Action 1 of 6

Koji yells at the cops to run before they get themselves killed.

Reaction = Green / Surprised / …but…

The police are surprised to see Koji and start to retreat…

… but one of them gets it.

The blood demon Cuchumaquic cackles with sadistic delight as the bullets pass harmlessly through its spectral form.  Koji yells across the room at the police, telling them to flee.  They are not equipped to handle a threat this like.  The cops look up at Koji with surprise, reluctantly taking a few steps backward into a hallway.  

Cuchumaquic's laughter suddenly stops as the demon hurls its spectral spear through the air, impaling one of the officers before he can flee.  The man's chest erupts with blood, spraying a dense stream into the air as his body withers to a dried husk and collapses.  The demon revels with delight as the blood rain falls around it.

Action 2 of 6

Koji loads his special trans-dimensional ammunition and opens fire on Cuchumaquic.

Reaction = Red / Fear / …and…

The demon appears to be unaffected…

… and Hun-Nal-Ye joins the fight.

Bracing himself against the falling blood, Koji ejects the magazine from his handgun and slaps in another loaded with special trans-dimensional ammunition.  The bullets, developed by PSI Division paranormal scientists, are able to affect beings on other planes of exists, such as ghosts… and hopefully ancient Mayan demons.

Koji runs into the room, darting between exhibit racks as he fires several bursts into the towering form of Cuchumaquic.  The demon spins around to face the new threat, but seems to be mostly just annoyed by the gunfire.  Koji stays on the move, darting around the edge of the room to try and give the demon a moving target.

The room suddenly darkens as a the shadow of a massive tentacle blocks out the light of the blood moon.  A split second later, the skylight and nearby wall shatter into a hail of glass and debris as the tentacle comes smashing down into of the display room, completely destroying half the ceiling and the wall overlooking the ocean.

Action 3 of 6

Can Koji use his enhanced senses and perfect recall to find an escape?

Reaction = Green / Sweating / …but…

With great exertion, Koji dives to safety…

… but leaves himself exposed to Cuchumaquic.

Koji has only a moment to react as the descending tentacle blacks out the sky.  In his mind, time seems to slow down and he is able to closely inspect all the possibilities of escape.  Unfortunately most directions end in an early grave.  Having little choice, Koji spins around and throws himself through the air directly toward the puzzlebox in the center of the room as the tentacle comes smashing down.  

Koji shields his face against the falling glass as he rolls and slides to a stop on the marble floor.  Behind him, the massive tentacle flails wildly where the wall used to be, slamming violently into the ground and throwing rubble in all directions.

The agent tries to scramble to his feet, but feels himself being picked up by a spectral force.  He dangles helplessly in the air as he is lifted off the ground by Cuchumaquic, who regards the PSI agent with a mocking grin on its horrible, mummified, demonic face.

Action 4 of 6

Koji uses his telekinetic glove to try to solve the puzzlebox like he saw in the pyramid.  Time to go from suck to blow… err… other way around.

Reaction = Green / Worried / …but…

Koji solves the puzzle and the blood begins to suck back in…

… but Cuchumaquic isn't having any of that.

While Koji hangs in the air before the blood demon, he slips the white glove off his left hand and lets it fall to the floor.  Cuchumaquic laughs sadistically and taunts the agent in an ancient language he doesn't understand.  Koji meets the fiend's gaze defiantly, all the while telekinetically controlling his glove to manipulate the puzzlebox beneath them.

The intricate sequence of movements he saw in the pyramid replays in Koji's mind with perfect clarity.  The sequence had caused the box to open up and draw in all the blood from El Recolector.  If he can duplicate it, maybe he can stop of the flow of blood that was currently awakening Hun-Nal-Ye.  His glove moves quickly, sliding the interlocking stone pieces in the precise way he'd seen before.


Koji grins at Cuchumaquic as the demon looks down at the puzzlebox beneath them and realizes what has happened.  The stone mechanisms twist and slide in perfect harmony as the box reconfigures itself.  Thick streams of blood surge up from the drain in the floor, run up the sides of the stone pedestal, and are sucked back into the puzzlebox.

The blood demon howls with rage and throws Koji across the room before swooping down to try and resume the ritual.

Action 5 of 6

Koji tries his trans-dimensional bullets again.  This time on the puzzlebox itself.

Reaction = Green / Happy

The puzzlebox is damaged and the ritual destabilizes.

Koji flies through the air and slams into one of the display cases which crashes down around him.  He struggles to get to his feet, holding up his left hand to recall his glove.  As the glove slips onto his hand, he brings up his pistol with the other hand and levels it at the puzzlebox on the pedestal in the center of the room.

Cuchumaquic frantically manipulates the interlocking puzzlebox component, trying to prevent the recall of blood.  Behind the demon's spectral form, the towering tentacles writhe and churn in the ocean as the sacrificial blood is sucked away.  One by one, they start to go limp and fall into the dark waves with mighty crashes.

Then Koji opens fire.  Round after round of PSI-tech enhanced ammunition tears through the puzzlebox.  The delicate components are shattered by the bullets, sending chunks of stone flying in every direction.  The enhanced ammo also tears through the dimensional rift, shredding the cursed relic's connection to Xilbaba and the ancient source of Mayan power.

Cuchumaquic howls with pain and rage as the puzzle box explodes in a blast of stone and blood that completely coats what is left of the museum display room.

Action 6 of 6

Koji tries to eliminate Cuchumaquic now that it is weakened.

Reaction = Red / Confused / …but…

After the blast, Cuchumaquic is no where to be found…

… but was it banished… or did it escape?

Koji wipes the layer of blood away from his eyes and rushes forward with his gun leveled at where Cuchumaquic used to be.  Unfortunately, there is no sign of the blood demon.

Koji lowers his gun and looks out over the darkened ocean beyond the destroyed museum wall.  The last of the tentacles have fallen beneath the waves and the moon is no longer blood red.  Hun-Nal-Ye will have to wait for another day to fulfill its prophesied return.

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