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PSI Division 6 – Episode 1

Game Tools

Untold: Adventure Await is a storytelling game that utilizes Rory's Story Cubes to tell quick, episodic stories similar to a TV show.  I will be using the Print-and-Play version of the game made available through the Kickstarter.  I will be using the Voyages set of Rory's Story Cubes, which contains various adventure-themed images.  I'll also be using Mythic (with MCSV mod) as usual if I need to ask questions or want to mix things up.

The Setting – Opening Credits

Since the dawn of time,  mankind has struggled to understand the basic forces of the world around us.  Matter, energy, magnetism, gravitation.  Some of these forces can be studied and controlled.  Others defy explanation.  These forces, events, and even entities, are collectively known as the paranormal, that which exists beyond the human mind's ability to explain.

In the near future, the frequency and intensity of paranormal events has begun to increase across the globe.  News stories that once would have been relegated to the bottom-bin supermarket tabloids are now matters of national security.  Even the world's chief scientific minds are no longer able to deny the effect these paranormal energies are having on the fabric of reality.  No one knows how or why, but the power of these threats continues to rise.

In the wake of these paranormal events, humans from across the globe have experienced a strange awakening, developing senses and powers beyond mortal explanation.  These individuals are often both feared and prized for their ability to interact with the paranormal world in a way normal humans cannot.  Some see them as just another part of the growing paranormal threat.  Others, as our only hope to combat it.

With the number of incidents on the rise, major nations from around the world have banded together to recruit these augmented humans into a unified force.  Working outside the normal restrictions of laws and borders, these brave individuals work tirelessly to protect us from threats we can't even see.  Their mission: to investigate strange events, combat hostile paranormal entities, and uncover the reason behind the global paranormal incursion before it's too late.  They are: the Paranormal Special Investigations Division.


PSI Division is an organization in the Judge Dredd comic series where psychically enhanced Judges assist the justice department in dealing with supernatural phenomenon.  Though the premise of this story is unintentionally similar, no direct comparison is intended.

Establish Danger

Establish Danger Card

Location / Danger / Pursuing / Someone or Something

Location = [Ocean Waves]

Danger = [Puzzle Piece]

Paranormal Activity Report – ID 240872

Received: 23 August 2024

Requesting Agency: Center for Research and National Security, Mexico


An archeological research vessel operating near the Yucatan Peninsula has recently reported the discovery of a sunken Mayan city.  The ruin, believed to date back to 200 AD, contains a large number of artifacts of great interest to historians.  One item in particular stands out: a stone puzzle box inlaid with inscriptions and pictograms believed to be part of an ancient prophecy.


Those working with the puzzle box believe the relic to be cursed.  Several researchers have claimed to hear voices coming from the box and others have seen terrifying visions of a coming apocalypse.  Several researchers have tried to steal the box, only to be found dead of mysterious causes in the middle of the Yucatan jungle.


The box has been kept under lock and key by the Ministerial Federal Police since these incidents, but numerous attempts to steal it have been made.  Last night, one of the guards reported seeing the image of mummified Mayan shaman walking through the halls shortly before the walls themselves started to bleed.  The guards fled in terror, only the find the box missing the next day.


The CISEN requests immediately assistance from PSI Division agents to investigate and eliminate this paranormal threat before more civilians can fall victim to the curse.

Introducing the Hero

Character Creation

I decided to roll to generate my character's major attributes.  I picture PSI Division 6 having multiple Agents who may appear in future episodes

Job/Role = [Sheriff Badge]

Aim = [Ladder]

Origin = [Rice Bowl]

Attribute 1 = [Elephant]

Attribute 2 = [Pendent]

Koji Shimizu: Agent, PSI Division 6

Job/Role: Policy official, interface with local agencies

Aim: Advancement within PSI Division through strict adherence to policy

Origin: From Nagoya, Japan.  Held respected position in a manufacturing firm before becoming awakened.


Attribute: Perfect Recall

After his awakening, Koji developed a supernatural ability to observe and recall details about his environment.  He is able to replay scenes he has experienced with almost perfect accuracy, finding details he may have previously missed.


Attribute: Telekinetic Glove

Researchers within PSI Division have developed a focus that allows Koji to extend his enhanced senses to a remote location and actually exert some telekinetic control.  The focus appears to be nothing more than a white glove that Koji constantly wears on his left hand.  Wherever the glove happens to be, Koji can observe its surroundings as if here was there as well and he can control the glove telekinetically with his thoughts.

Ancient Puzzle

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